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  • All you need to do now is wait. 🙂 You will receive an email regarding delivery.
  • Still have questions? Please read our FAQ. It has a vast library of information for you! Or Scroll down below your order summary.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I just placed my order, what should I do?

  • After placing your order, it will be queued and filled. You’ll get a completion email when the order is finished, and then just share your order number and game details in chat or fill out the Item Delivery Form 
    Also be mindful of your time zone. D2Honor’s hours of operation are from 8am – 11pm CST. Please check your time zone accordingly.


    How long will my order take to be finished?

  • Honestly, it will take between 30 minutes to an hour, but if there is an influx of orders it will take upwards of 1-2 hours. If you order after closing hours, please allow us extra time to catch up whenever we open.
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