We have a new reward system!

**Updated 11/10/2022**

Spend 50 dollars and receive a free Ist rune
Spend 75 dollars and receive a free Vex Rune
Spend 100 dollars and receive a free Ber Rune
Spend 200 dollars and receive a free Enigma
Spend 500 dollars and receive an exclusive 40% off coupon (2)

Referrals help communities grow, am I right? D2Honor is seeking YOUR help to allow us to grow, and in doing so you will be rewarded.

What can you do? Tell your friends about us! 

If they purchase and include your EMAIL on checkout (Notes) We will give you 10% of that order in points(FREE MONEY!!)

All you have to do again, 1) Tell your friends about us 2) If they purchase from us, have them include your email on checkout

THAT’S IT! Let’s grow!