Frequently Asked Questions

First off, thank you for allowing us to be your item provider. Second, for all Diablo 2 Resurrected orders, they will be delivered in person. When you place your order, it'll queue in our system to be filled. Once it is filled, VERY important, you will receive a completed email. Come to chat and tell us your order number and game name with password.

This is determined by many factors including: realm, time of day, the number of orders ahead of yours, etc.  For offline hours (11pm-8am CST) orders will be delivered when we open up. All Resurrected orders should be completed within 1-3 hours.

You may either click the chat button on your bottom right of the screen or on the bottom if on mobile. That is a direct contact and the fastest way to reach us. Or you may click the "Contact Us" button and we will receive your email.

Yes, we offer support during most of the day. If you order during offline orders, please be patient with us as we catch up on orders from the previous night. Chat will be disabled during offline hours.

The short answer is, no.  We try to stay competitive in the market, every vendor has their perks.

We currently offer, Credit and Debit card access. We offer SSL (Security certificates) for D2Honor, meaning all payments on this website are encrypted and safe. There is also a minimum purchase of 2 dollars.

Some items on the site may require verification. This just proves that you are who you say you are. You must submit your drivers license along with your payment method in a form of picture sent to us to verify it is actually you purchasing said item. There is also a verification mandatory on all orders over 500 dollars. If you purchase multiple orders that equal or go above the 500 dollar threshold within 24 hours and or multiple purchases from multiple payment methods, we will request verification from you to make sure it is in fact you that is purchasing and not someone with a stolen card. We hope you understand.

Having an account on D2Honor is not required to checkout. However, the perks for having an account outweighs being a guest. You will have access to your order history along with staying up to date with sale promotions, news etc. It is strongly recommended to create an account here at D2Honor.

If you ordered with us and it has been taking a while. There's a good chance the email went to your spam folder / promotions tab. Please check this, mark it as  "Not Spam" or mark it as "Important" so that the emails will always go to your inbox.

Once items are delivered, we will not be able to refund. If you ordered by accident and let us know within 5 minutes that it was in fact a mistake, we can refund. Our chat is open 16 hours a day, and the contact us button is live 24/7 via email.

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