Incorporation into Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions is an integral component of, and subject to, the terms and conditions governing the usage of our website. The complete set of terms and conditions can be accessed on our website.

Services Offered

D2Honor operates as an online marketplace facilitating the purchase and transfer of digital virtual items. Our services encompass, but are not restricted to, the promotion and delivery of virtual items and digital goods for video games.

In accordance with these objectives, D2Honor undertakes to provide its online marketplace services ("Services") to: (i) visitors perusing the Site; (ii) buyers and sellers of goods registered on the Site; and (iii) any other users who have established an account, all subject to the ensuing Terms.

D2Honor currently provides and may provide users with access to a rich collection of resources, including, but not limited to, custom tailored in-game services performed by our team or other players, in-game trade of virtual items and accounts in single-player or multi-player online computer games, software download, website sale and/or display of gaming guides, and various communications tools, discussion forums and other services (collectively, the “Service”). The Service may include advertisements which may be necessary for D2Honor to provide the Service.

The price on the Website for each virtual item and service represents the sum of a finder's fee and a transfer fee to be paid to D2Honor. All Virtual Items on the Website remain the sole properties of their respective owners and/or the owners of the servers where the Virtual Items reside until they are transferred. D2Honor merely acts as a transfer agent and makes no claim to ownership of the Virtual Items and makes no representations or warranties regarding any aspect of the Virtual Items unless otherwise expressly put in writing by D2Honor . After a Virtual Item is transferred to you, D2Honor is not responsible for its loss or alteration due to any reason, including, but not limited to, hack, scams, theft, rollbacks, patches, bugs, accident, character/account deletion or expiration. D2Honor will not replace, repair, substitute or refund for any lost Virtual Item for any reason.

Data Collection Practices

Similar to numerous online platforms, by merely visiting our website, you automatically impart certain information to us. This includes fundamental details such as your IP address, timestamps of visits, referring website URLs, operating system details, and the type of web browser employed. Such information is automatically recorded by our website.

Furthermore, akin to prevalent practices, we may utilize cookies. In simple terms, cookies denote information transferred by our website's server to your computer, enabling session tracking and customization of website content. Most widely used web browsers allow users to configure settings regarding cookie acceptance.

Moreover, any data furnished by you through website postings or email correspondence may be collected by us. While disclosure of information is voluntary, withholding information may lead to denial of access to certain website services and features.

Transactions involving payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, checks, money orders, and/or third-party online payment services may entail the collection of transaction-related details, including billing addresses and contact numbers.

Utilization of Information

We utilize your information to facilitate the operational aspects of our website. This includes, but is not confined to, communicating changes to our website, introducing new services or special offers, resolving disputes, troubleshooting technical issues, and enforcing the terms and conditions governing website usage.

As a guiding principle, we refrain from disseminating your data to third parties without your explicit consent. However, exceptions may arise, as elucidated in subsequent sections.

In our sole discretion, we reserve the right to furnish information about you to law enforcement or governmental entities for purposes including but not limited to fraud investigations, allegations of intellectual property infringement, or suspected illegal activities that could potentially expose us to legal liability.

Though individual user information is not disclosed, aggregate data concerning website visitors may be shared with advertisers or third parties for marketing and promotional endeavors.

Periodically, we may engage third-party suppliers to render services on our website. In such instances, users will be duly notified of any information collection by the supplier. However, disclosure of information to third-party suppliers is not mandatory, and stringent restrictions are imposed on their utilization of user data.

User Credentials

Certain sections of our website may necessitate the use of a username and password for access. Users are advised against divulging their passwords to any third parties. It is incumbent upon users to log out from password-protected sections upon concluding their sessions. Additionally, it is recommended to completely close the web browser and reopen it before accessing other Internet resources as a security measure.

Usage of Information and Unsolicited Communications

Should you obtain personally identifiable information about another user of our website, you are strictly prohibited from disclosing such information without the consent of the concerned user as well as our authorization.

Unsolicited commercial communications, including but not limited to junk e-mails, utilizing information obtained from our website, are strictly prohibited. Users are enjoined to refrain from engaging in such activities.

Voluntary Disclosure to Third Parties

Users may opt to disclose personal information to website visitors or other third parties not affiliated with our suppliers. Prudence is advised in such instances, as the privacy policies and practices of these third parties govern the treatment of user information.

Policy Amendments

The terms delineated in this policy are subject to periodic revisions. In the event of amendments, users will be notified through a notice posted on the homepage of our website. Users dissenting from the modifications are encouraged to communicate their objections to us. Notwithstanding, alterations to this policy will not affect information collected prior to the enactment of such changes.

Users are advised to review this policy each time they access our website to stay abreast of any alterations. Queries or concerns pertaining to this policy should be directed to us via email, providing relevant information concerning the matter.


Cookies may be employed to gather the aforementioned non-personal information. A cookie constitutes a small text file potentially stored on your computer's hard drive upon accessing the Site. Cookies may serve various purposes including customization of content and advertising, monitoring of site usage, and conducting research for enhancing content and services. While users retain the liberty to decline cookies, doing so may limit access to certain Site features or compromise the full utilization of our offerings. Guidance on altering cookie preferences can be sought from the "Help" menu of your browser.

Security Measures

We have instituted a range of physical, electronic, contractual, and managerial protocols to safeguard and fortify the information collected from website visitors.

Third-Party Websites

Our website may contain links to third-party websites, each governed by distinct privacy policies. We disclaim responsibility for activities and practices transpiring on these sites. Therefore, users are encouraged to peruse the privacy policy posted on any site accessed through our website.

Alterations to this Terms and Conditions

This terms and conditions policy is subject to periodic revisions. Notification of such modifications will be effectuated through postings on our website. Material changes to the policy will be accompanied by appropriate online notifications to users.

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