Leveling and Rushing

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

We will take your fresh level 1 character, rush, get Radament, Izual and Anya done. We will also level the character to the desired level you choose in the options. The end solution: Act 5 Hell at the desired level chosen with skills + Anya completed.

Rush only? No problem, we will take your fresh character and send them to hell act 5 with Radament, Izual and Anya done on the way.

What we need from you: The login credentials to do the level job on, so your email and the temporary password for us to do the services  on, please change the password when we are done with the job.

All jobs require a 48 hour complete time to give us enough time to make sure it’s done with quality.

Rush, give us 12 hours.

Service for

1-60, 1-70, 1-75, 1-80, Rush to Hell

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